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Sunday, March 11th, 2018



Hello all!

The new stuff:

If you haven't read them yet:

Information and tips:

Hello all!

For more information about our visit to Dr. Laurie's show: "We are on radio"

On our March visit to "Passion" with Doctor Betito; we had a a talk about general topics, questions from listeners and even BDSM fashion tips! Passion March 2018

- Our next visit on the show should be (in theory) April 4th, 2018 at 10pm.

- Our letter for 2018: "News!"

- OUR POLL! 2 questions to be answer carefully?

- Maţtre Pierre has a new chapter of his story "The Circle, chapter 2"

- If you haven't read the begining of Maţtre Pierre' story in English: "The Circle"

- The latest installment from E´nar Pˇrsh÷fn with his story in French: Le Journal de Jason Chapţtre 8

- A new lady author sent her story "La Passion D'Esther" (Story in French)

- Florence sent us the next chapter of her story with "Florence 6" (story in French)


- In our visit wirhDr. Betito's "Passion" on CJAD AM800 in February, many questions from listeners were awaiting us: ""Passion February 7th, 2018"

- The new chapters of his journal, by E´nar Pˇrsh÷fn with "Chapţtre 7, Repas De Sperme." (Story in French)

- A new chapter of "Florence", a story in French.

Do you write fetish / BDSM stories in English?

Our sister website in French; "CercleBDSM" has a great success with stories. We get so many of them that we have problems to put them online. Yet, we hardly received stories in English. Our stats show that we have as many "English" speaking visitors that we have "French" speaking ones!

Yes, we have some rules about stories we accept, but we have the space for them and it would be our pleasure to bring "online" stories sent by you! All we ask is patience! Did you know that stories sent to us are usually read more than 2000 times in a month! Stats are clear about that!

Interested? Just email us!

On our "D/S Lifestyle" section, we cover a lot of BDSM and SM topics!

Long live The BDSM Circle!

Maitre Pierre and Mistress Catharine.